Distilling Notes

What is a Hydrosol

A hydrosol is the distilled water produced during the steam distillation of botanicals. 

Hydrosols tend to have a low PH and are great for the acidic mantle that protects your skin. Not all Hydrosols are floral and smell like their undistilled botanical. Which is confusing. 

Ponderosa Pine on the mountainside smells like honeyed wood. The amazingly skin soothing Yarrow can smell earthy, oily and off-putting.

If you are selecting your hydrosol on scent, research its properties before you put it on your skin. Some of the best smelling waters are also the richest in essential oils – which can cause your skin to react, if not downright recoil. 

Commonly used as a toner, hydrosols are not all equal. Look for hydrosols that allow you access to information such as:

Harvest site | Distillation date or traceable batch number  |Filter size | PH level on the label | Use by date