Distilling Notes

Ponderosa Pine

The smell of ponderosa pine needles baking under the summer sun is a deliciously sweet, bosomy comfort. If it weren’t so hot out, it’d make you turn to someone for a cuddle. 

Since summer never reached a prolonged heat, there wasn’t ever an ideal time to harvest the small branches that fill up with sap. 

A warm October came and at the last warm day in a long run of warm days, I distilled just harvested branches. 

After 90 minutes of the first distillation, it was clear that the distillation time on ponderosa pine was longer than that of lavender. 

I distilled the second batch in two phases, which seemed to allow more limonene to come to the surface faster. The second phase of the second batch proffered the most fragrant, well rounded haydrosol. 

As a hydrosol, Ponderosa Pine offers up an easy but alerting air. Sometimes Pine can smell aggressively alerting (might be the limonene) this Ponderosa Pine offers a decidedly gentler bouquet – likely due to the shorter distillation times. 

Use it as a gentle cleanser or a midday toner. This is one of those hydrosols that doesn’t mind stepping up as a non toxic room spray.