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Face the formul-ish

Cold Whip Formula  

45% Cupuaçu butter  

55% Cucumber seed oil 

Cold Whip Process

Cold whipping feels easier and it is certainly easier to clean up. Cupuaçu butter is firm (much harder than shea butter) and it will test the might of your countertop mixer and paddle. 

Cold whipping is the easier method when it comes to more than 8 ounces of butter. Use a silicone spatula to occasionally scrape down the sides of the bowl and paddle – make sure that every squidge of butter is whipped well – unwhipped butter will feel grainy.

Whip the Cupuaçu butter until it is creamy – it will glide onto your skin. 

Add oil in a steady stream 

Whip until the oil is fully incorporated

If the mixture is stiff, add more oil 

If the mixture is loose (it shouldn’t be) cool the mix to set and then rewhip. 

Cupuaçu butter is a fantastic emulsifier, it also tends to firm up on its own after it rests. If you want to experience the joy of fluffy butter, let the balm cool and then remix to add more air and oil.

Melted Whip 

Creamy! Fluffy! Messy!

Slowly melt a third of the butter by weight over a low temperature bain marie until the butter is liquified and cloudy

Add the butter to the carrier oil and whip until emulsified

In a steady stream add the emulsification to the Cupuaçu butter and whip until fully incorporated

If the mixture is soupy, whip the balm over a bowl of ice (do not use ice water, it will end up in your balm)

If you stop mixing and let the balm rest on the ice, the mixture will harden in a matter of minutes, maybe seconds. Bad words will ensue as you attempt to whip the hardened butter.