Extra Face

How to use: Wash your hands, mix a finger-pad-full of balm with a spritz of hydrosol in the palm of your hand. Massage in around eyes to stimulate tear ducts before bed and prevent transdermal water loss.

Ingredients: Extra face contains occlusives and emollients such as pomegranate seed oil, plum seed oil, Kalahari Melon oil, sea buckthorn seed oil. The majority of the oil is a blend of low comdegenic hemp oil infused with a CBDA-dominant whole flower and the ever amenable cucumber oil. All that mixed with cupuacu butter in a 60/40 ratio. Cupuacu a hydrophilic butter that helps skin retain water.

About Extra Face: This is a first attempt to include cannabinoids into a face balm that my highly reactive skin will accept. CBD makes for, in my experience, a highly effective topical. Helping cells forget past stressors and easing inflammation.

Each of the bougey-ass oils in Extra Face tout their own nourishing benefits but I’ve not found a lot of science to back up much of the claims laid out by the many sites that sell them.

The hope in Extra Face is to provide a little more in the way of vitamin C and occlusive protection at night as well as a barrier to sunblock (a terror for skin) and the wind that brings glacially cold kisses down off the mountains.