Persephone's Ball

About Face

Face is a two ingredient balm formulated to repair and protect crisis-prone reactive skin. 

On its own, it can act as a waterless barrier against the little slaps of winter air that quickly dehydrate cheeks and soothe noses burned by a surprise sunny spring day. Mixed with distilled water, Face becomes a nourishing moisturizer with a host of calming, restorative properties. Boost your skin’s ability to protect itself by mixing Face with a low PH hydrosol. 

How you apply will change Face its function. 

Mist. Hydrate. Apply a hydrosol to skin and then work in a smidge of balm. Let them absorb passively. 

Massage. Repair. Use a device for deeper absorption. Apply hydrosol of distilled water, apply Face. Go to town. I use the PMD Clean to encourage deeper absorption. This little guy intrigues me, but one only needs so many things that vibrate in one’s medicine cabinet.

Layer. Protect. In the palm of a clean hand, make a 1 to 1 mixture of butter and water and massage into skin. Add a final swipe of butter for extra protection from the elements. 

About the ingredients in this formula Cupuaçu’s butter  –  Cupuaçu’s busty stearic acid content should make it a pore-clogging no go for daily face use, but whose listening to should anymore? Cupuacu butter works for skin that sees the elements on a daily basis, bot by helping it heal and protecting it from transdermal water loss.

Cupuacu butter is hydro-phillic and also acts as a humectant, which may be why it isn’t as pore clogging as its consistency would have you believe.  

Shown in a (teeny tiny) clinical trial to speed the repair of geriatric skin, cupuacu’s linolenic and oleic content are relatively balanced. With cupuacu butter, it seems that how you warm it –  if you whip it cold or with warm oil – changes not only how it feels but how it functions. Whether Face becomes an emollient that slips into the skin or an occlusive that sits on it seems to be influenced how you change its temperature as much as how you apply it. 

Cucumber oil – Lightweight and cooling, cucumber seed oil is high in easy-to-absorb linoleic acid, vitamin E, and oleic acid which is excellent for dry and aging skin (hi). Said to be calming, healing, and restorative it is an ideal oil for skin that has seen a few memorable dawns stretch into legendary afternoons.