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Abalone & Yell creates content written from the ground up. Whether it's growing food or coaching creatives, our content is written by the people who do and write.

Adrianne Dow Young

Writing Samples : 

I write about what I love. It works out. 


Wine & SPirits





Cook CHop Chop

Recipes, Tips, Hacks that simplify the food dance

Slow Quick Quick

Part food blog, part menu plan, Cook Chop Chop creates quick, seasonal food solutions. Menu plans that roll through the refrigerator and garden. Recipes that make life easier. Prep tips picked up from 14-years in the professional kitchen.  



Bitte Bitte Leavenworth

Seasonal meals on occasion


Food for good

Private dining for non profit organizations that focus on forwarding the arts and earth

Seasonal menus served when it makes sense to arts and earth oriented organizations. Food can tell stories. 


Persephone's Ball

Myth and skincare and the myth of skincare. (yeah, it's a passion project)

Listen to your skin

It's your body's largest organ and the thing that keeps your outside world away from the tender goo that is your inside world. 

In 2019, my skin began to rebel in a way that one could call crisis. So I created my own all natural, minimal ingredient skin care line. Then I began to make whole flower CBD balms and then I began to incorporate my the hydrosols and essential oils that I distilled from the botanicals I grow.

Then I began to share the stuff. Friends started to see changes – on friend's arthritis went plain away. Another's face cleared up. Skincare has become a thing I like to write about. 


Photoleap 3

Fantastic Beast

Wayfaring for the professional creative


A Care and Feeding Manual

The rare and weird creature that is an artist's career needs tending.   Fantastic Beast helps people figure out where they are in their creative lifecycle and what steps to take in order to get the beast in shape for the next lifecycle.