CBD – The Slow Friend

This summer, the National Forest Service posted a few do’s and don’ts of bear encounters. There are a lot of people out in the woods right now and some of them are meeting bears. Different bears react differently but in general The National Forest Service seems officially against pushing down a slower friend as a survival strategy

CBD’s primary function is to be just that – the slower, tastier friend you bring along mushroom hunting.

Instead of a forest, you introduce CBD to your endocannabinoid system where it is more attractive to the bear that is an enzyme called FAAH. FAAH usually chases after Anandamide but is more compelled to take down CBD, which allows Anandamide to linger in the body. The longer Anandamide hangs around, the more opportunity it has to benefit the cells that it touches, 

Anandamide (also called AEA) is a compound the body produces on demand. It is often felt after exercise. Runner’s High is Anandamide partying down like Oprah Winfrey with the cells in the body. Anandamide tells the cells that they need not stress, which reduces inflammation and maintains homeostasis. When Anandamide is released into the body, it has a profound impact on one’s mood.

Anandamide is also swept up by the vigilant FAAH enzyme almost as soon as it is created.

Using CBD effectively, means focusing on increasing your Anandamide production – which is often produced when the brain enters a flow state. Moderate exercise and meditation are highly effective methods of getting into a flow state. 

I personally push creativity and a general reduction of day-to-day BS. 

 CBD isn’t simply enzyme bait. It will also function in coordination with other cannabinoids. When ingested with THC, CBD will actually find an allosteric port in the base of a cannabinoid receptor and alter (in most cases diminish)  the way the body responds to THC. It may even extend THC’s effectiveness while also lessening its perceptible physiological effects. (more about that later.) 

However, if you’re wondering why your CBD isn’t producing the desired effects you purchased it for, the essential bit of information is that CBD alone is a limited tool for most. After all, sending your slow friend out into the woods alone doesn’t do much if you don’t send Oprah along with them. 

Look at maintaining a healthy endocannabinoid system and think of CBD as part of a greater solution.